P.zza Principe di Piemonte 3/A - Ronciglione (VT)
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Look inside the residence with Google
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Click on the map and follow the virtual path, from the entrance of the Residenza Principe di Piemonte up to the 3rd floor of the Penthouse.


inaugurazione molino


famiglia fondatrice

Photo gallery of the surroundings to see

A gallery of photos chosen to better understand the Tuscia, the nature trails, the precious artistic and monumental resources and the area with its tourist routes

Video of Ronciglione seen by the drone

Aerial view of the city of Ronciglione and the Lake of Vico, which has the distinction of being the volcanic lake with the altitude above sea level of 510 meters, the highest in Italy, known for its beauty and wildlife. Located on the hills south of the Cimini Mountains, the medieval part of Ronciglione is located on a broad ridge of rock, at the confluence of two rivers, the Rio Vicano, emissary of Lake Vico, and Fosso Chianello which, after the Farnese settlement in the sixteenth century, it now flows underground. The settlement of the Farnese family allowed the development of the Renaissance and built the modern city on a second tufa spur. Mount Fogliano rises on the municipal territory.